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What Is Live On Purpose?

Live on Purpose is a mobile app that makes giving and helping others easy. In affluent Singapore, most of us have the desire to help others in need, but busy lives and packed schedules distract us.

People in need don’t often reach out for help, and perhaps don’t know how to either. Would you be aware if your neighbour was going through troubled times? And if you were, how would you ask to help? Sometimes, our fear of intrusion stops us from being able to help those in need.

Often, we write that cheque, but we don’t hear back. We trust that the charities made the best choices; we know they do. It would be even better to know what impact was made. 

Here’s where Live on Purpose makes a difference. We’ll bring to your attention, via the App, people with urgent needs.

It could be that little girl who can’t afford school books. Or the retrenched father worrying about how to feed his family. Or the teenager who lives in pain with her invisible illness.

We show you how you can help them, and through a few clicks, ensure they receive that help directly. It could be buying a set of school books, fulfilling a supermarket shopping list, or making a financial donation. You will receive a notification from Live on Purpose once the delivery has been made. 

Helping others is now so much easier. One click at a time, one person at a time, together we can make a difference!

Download the Live on Purpose App now, and start living your life on purpose!


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