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Our idea is simple.

We wanted to provide what we observed many didn’t have and what we felt was truly missing – the right support to age well.

Thus, with a unique goal in mind to help the current and future generations of older adults do what many often just talk about: Make ageing well possible for every older adult and truly attaining their golden years!

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Food Bank

The Food Bank Singapore was set up by Nichol and Nicholas Ng, a pair of siblings running a food distribution business, FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd. After observing the food industry for more than a decade, they realized the need for a food bank in Singapore.

Founded in January 2012, The Food Bank Singapore visited more than 30 charity organisations and homes to gain better insight into the situation on the ground. We also took the time to understand the operating models of each organisation that provides free meals and dry rations to the needy and less fortunate families and individuals.

We were given charity status in August 2012 (Co. Reg No: 201200654E) and IPC status in May 2015. We are registered in The Global Foodbanking Network.

OUR MISSION: To End Food Insecurity in All Forms in Singapore.
OUR VISION: Our vision is to be the prevailing centralized coordinating organization for all food donations and to play a key role in the reduction of food wastage and food insecurity.

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Helping Joy

Helping Joy Limited is a Singapore-registered charity organisation. We help the vulnerable in our society, such as physically and mentally challenged individuals, elderly persons and low-income families, regardless of race, religion or language, by bringing a little joy into their lives. Our kind-hearted, fun-loving volunteers do this by:

  • ​Cleaning, washing and painting the homes for the physically and mentally challenged residents of our community.
  • Befriending elderly residents who have no immediate family through visits and outings.
  • Conducting monthly home maintenance and cleaning for the physically and mentally challenged residents of our community.
  • Providing free tuition for underprivileged kids in our Helping Joy Centre.
  • Providing free vegetarian food for low income individual/families.
  • Providing free basic necessities and food rations to physically and mentally challenged individuals and low-income families every month (Each bag of basic necessities and food rations is packed differently based on the recipient’s needs).
  • Provides Final Journey Arrangement for the elderly without any immediate family or low-income families when they passed on.
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HOME is dedicated to empowering and supporting migrant workers who find themselves victims of human rights violations and suffer abuse and exploitation.

We provide immediate crisis intervention as well as long-term support such as education and training programmes to achieve our goal of enhancing the wellbeing and future economic prospects of migrant workers.

HOME also seeks to promote the diverse voices of migrant workers in Singapore through outreach projects, and public education on issues affecting them. Three pillars guide us: Welfare, Empowerment and Advocacy.

We believe in justice, equality, empowerment,
and dignity for all migrant workers.

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ItsRainingRaincoats (IRR) is an initiative that aims to improve the lives of migrant workers in Singapore, by building bridges to strengthen their integration into our community, city, and country. We employ authentic and nimble strategies to help improve the quality of the works lives and make them feel valued, appreciated, safe and welcome in Singapore. Our raincoats emblem symbolizes the protection we provide them from their metaphorical thunderstorms.

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Project Dignity

Where local food meets social good.

We are on a mission to restore dignity to the differently-abled and disadvantaged. 5 out of every 100 with disability are employed and we hope to change that.

At 4.9 per cent, this rate is one of the lowest among developed societies.

That is why Project Dignity exists. Driven by our mission to restore dignity to the differently-abled, we believe in leveraging business tools to solve a deep-rooted issue this marginalised group faces: unemployment.

We are one of the few social enterprises in Singapore that trains, finds jobs for, and employs a range of people with disabilities, intellectual and social challenges.

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Project Luni

Project LUNI is a non-profit organisation which focuses on rehoming and caring of street cats in Singapore since 2018. We focus on four pillars: Rescue, fostering, socialising & rehoming kittens and abandoned cats, supporting feeders all over Singapore with monthly food donations for street cats, medical care for injured and sick street cats as well as TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).

Singapore Repertory Theatre

Singapore Repertory Theatre

Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) has established itself as one of the leading theatre companies in Asia. SRT reaches out to over 125,000 people annually through our theatre productions and programmes. There’s no denying that theatre is an awe-inspiring experience that transports you into another world, yet it is a privilege that children from lower-income and special needs backgrounds rarely get to enjoy. Furthermore, theatre has additional benefits for children and the holistic development of their cognitive and social skills, sparking their imaginations and curiosity about their world, as well as helping them develop the abilities to empathise with others and express themselves. This is why SRT committed to bringing the theatre experience to these children through our Student Education Fund (SRTSEF). Incepted in 2012, SRTSEF has benefitted close to 15,000 children and counting. Your donations will underwrite tickets for these children and touch their lives with the magic of theatre, perhaps for the first time ever. During these difficult times, children need to be able to escape into a place that inspires their creativity, teachers them social skills, STEM and language and instils positive values. You can help make this possible with a donation to SRT’s Student Education Fund.

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The New Charis Mission

The New Charis Mission (hereafter known as “TNCM”) is a non-profit charitable organisation registered with Registry of Societies in 2006 and Commissioner of Charities in 2007. TNCM is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and a full member of National Council of Social Services. Beyond what a halfway house for ex-drug addicts and ex-offenders, TNCM operates a Residential Rehabilitation Programme which helps every individual who entered into the programme to move from the past failures and destructive lives, developed new mindset and value system. They become Mentors running programmes in Schools for the at-risk students, Counsellors to the inmates in the Prison and Befrienders to the lonely elderly. Once, they were the trouble and burden in their families, now they are able to provide support to their families.

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We exist to show God’s love through value-added community services and support for disadvantaged individuals and families in Chinatown and beyond. We serve the community through our core services – Family Support Services; Elderly Services (Dementia Day Care, Home Care, Active Ageing).

How your donation has a deeper impact?

We are in it for the long term – serving the community since 1996. We leverage your donations to help more in the community.  Our 23 employees, together with over 200 volunteers, serve over 1,000 disadvantaged individuals and families annually. Our wide range of services and diverse partnerships allow a holistic approach in caring for those in need – your support results in a deeper impact.

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New Life Stories

Here at New Life Stories, we aim to prevent repeat and inter-generational incarceration and break the cycle of social disadvantage, leading to an improved quality of life and community inclusion for our families. We provide upstream intervention via our holistic four-pronged “Family Strengthening Programme” that reaches out to each family member and not just the incarcerated. We believe we can empower families affected by incarceration and not let this define them. Together, we can help our families write their new life stories.


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