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Live On Purpose | Lorraine Lee Founder

My heart breaks to see pain and suffering, and creating a happy, positive space for giving is one of the core tenets of Live on Purpose.

– Lorraine Lee –

My dream was to make giving easier, create something that even when I’m at work or asleep, people who needed help could be helped by others. The only way this could happen was through technology.

I decided to pursue my dream while working full-time as General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer of an MNC, a role that is fast-paced and challenging, which I enjoy very much and will continue full steam ahead.

30 minutes during breakfast before I started my day, I gave to my dream. 3 hours on weekend afternoons, I’d steal away from the family. Every Friday during COVID, I took leave to draw the first wireframes in pencil.

Until one day, my dream became reality.

Live On Purpose | Hand Drawn Wire Frames


As a data privacy professional, preserving the dignity and privacy of vulnerable sectors of society, stands at the centre of my creation. Seeing photos of children, patients in a coma or the mentally-disabled, who are not in a position to say “no”, is one of my pet peeves. One day, I decided to stop complaining about it, and created a blueprint, embracing ‘privacy by design’ in the ethos and design of Live on Purpose.

At Live on Purpose, we say “No” to photos and other personal information of people who may not be aware of their right to privacy.


My heart breaks to see pain and suffering, and creating a happy, positive space for giving is one of the core tenets of Live on Purpose. Our focus is on what could be possible if we helped, one person at a time.


As a Singaporean, I could not be prouder of the way Singaporeans are always ready to lend a helping hand. The COVID-19 pandemic saw severe disruption in the giving space in Singapore. Group volunteering ground to a halt and large-scale fundraisers cancelled due to social distancing measures. Many charities saw a drop of 60-80% in donations.

As we brave the long tail of COVID, face-to-face outreach can no longer be the only way to reach those in need. The pandemic has demonstrated, more than ever, the need for a socially-distanced, scalable solution that leverages technology. Essential during a pandemic, essential in a post-COVID world.

It is my honour and privilege to introduce Live on Purpose’s positive, happy App, that will bring needs to busy people like you and me, and make giving easier!

Join us on our journey to help others, with Live on Purpose!



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